Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good Morning!

I am learning Icelandic for the last three months. (Eg hef laert Islensku i 3 manud)

As a Viking historian: how would a Viking say, “Good Morning” to the camp or village?

The Vikings were from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and parts of Finland. They had colonies in Iceland, Greenland, Ireland and England. The Vikings had extensive trade with the Arab countries, Turkey and Russia.

1. God morgen -- Norwegian

2. God morgon -- Sweden

3. GODDAG-- Denmark

4. Hyvää huomenta-- Finland

5. Iterlarit-- Greenland

6. Gódan daginn-- Iceland

7. Dia dui tar maidin-- Irish Gaelic

8. Dobraye ootra-- Russia

9. Günaydin-- Turkey

10. Subbaakhair-- Farsi

11. Sabah-il-kheir-- Arabic

12. Pane Sopulia-- Drafn

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